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Kate Witkowski
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Live, Love, Chat and Eat🤍

This site is all about planning for success, whether in life or in the kitchen.


Dream Big. Set Goals. Make a Plan. Create Success.

On your own terms.

I'm Kate, lover of food, travel and life by the sea. A CPA in my previous life, I moved on to follow my passion.

I created Kitchen Table Talk to share life hacks, meal planning strategies and great recipes.

Here at Mark My Success, you'll find life hacks and planning templates to help you create a powerful, workable life plan and make it happen.

Over at Recipe Bungalow, you'll find great meal planning strategies and printables with thousands of fresh and fabulous recipes. You can reach Recipe Bungalow by clicking the link 'Create Your Own Meal Plan' in the menu bar.

Kate Witkowski

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